neděle 10. července 2011

At the end of the old mountain road

Even though Johnossi didn´t play at Peace & Love festival in Sweden (why?) one can have Johnossi experience easily. And because it´s not a good Swedish trip without Johnossi we bought Johnossi first album (Scandinavian Bonus Track Version) right at the famous Skivbutik in Borlänge. (Ok now only Mando Diao or Sugarplum Fairy fans can understand.) And met/saw Ossi as an audience on one VERY special P&L concert. What a Borlänge!
Ok Ossi we hoped you enjoyed the show:)

První album Johnossi s názvem Johnossi koupené na velmi speciálním místě ve velmi speciálním městě. Borlänge a Peace & Love festival. Jen Johnossi chybělo ke štěstí. (kromě Ossiho:) )

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