středa 21. září 2011

So you´ll never find the time

Finally aweeeesome news about Johnossi! Here you can read a small update that makes every Johnossi fan happy! 

Hey all you wonderful creatures of the world.
Just wanted to let you know that we've slowly started to work on some new material. It feels scary but good.

Johnossi začíná pracovat na novém materiálu! Pomalu ale jistě, zdá se. Nové koncerty se zatím neobjevují, snad se brzy dočkáme... 

pondělí 19. září 2011

If would look fine but ...

Hej JohnOssi, can you even imagine how much I miss you? Why are you playing so far away, why are you announcing your tour dates so late...and where are you actually? I wanna see you live again. Need more signs. More music.

čtvrtek 15. září 2011

Until I'm out of desire

Ok another news about John&Ossi world. Click on this link and you´ll find there huge surprise:) (It´s the whole concert from AREA4 from 21. August!!!!! Awesome!!!) 

Pod tímto linkem naleznete záznam koncertu AREA 4.

Tired of being tired

Two cool photos of Johnossi here:) Well, only one, because one is already published here:) Enjoy anyway!

NOTE! If you are a facebook user go the this page called Johnossi Support and "like"  it. It´s the best site about Johnossi always uploaded! Don´t miss it! 

Pro ty z vás, kdo jsou uživatelé Facebooku, navštivte Johnossi Support page! 

Oh it hunts you in your sleep

Novinky ve světě Johna a Ossiho. Nový koncert. Tentokrát v Londýně, ve středu 26. října 2011. 
Více pod tímto linkem!
A pro lístky stačí kliknout zde! 

NEW concert added: London 26. October 2011! More info here and here:) Enjoy all of you who´s gonna be there! 

čtvrtek 8. září 2011

Take your mind from your home

Johnossi in Linköping playing Man must dance, two days ago. 

There ain´t gonna be no guarantee

Co takhle hlasovat pro Johnossi jakožto pro vašeho nejoblíbenějšího švédského umělce? Stačí kliknout na link v sekci Street Team a hlasovat pro Johnossi. Hlasovat můžete neomezeně! Takže do toho!

What about voting for Johnossi in the contest for the favourite Swedish artist? Go to the link under the Street Team section and vote, vote!! As much as you can! 

úterý 6. září 2011

For what they really are

Then we could all float around

Two NEW concert dates announced! (very soon... mean ironically:) ) One in Sweden, another in Norway, both this week. So you´d better hurry to buy tickets!

Swedish concert go here for more info!
Norway event link here!

Ohlášeny další dva koncerty. Jeden ve Švédsku, další v Norsku. Trochu mimo naše možnosti, obzvlášť proto, že oba koncerty jsou již tento týden! Pro více informací (nikoliv v angličtině) stačí kliknout na dva linky výše. 

I´m not your baby, no more

Ok it´s time to recapitulate a little bit. Johnossi played a few shows since we were last time here.

Johnossi playing 18 Karat Gold at Dockville festival in Hamburg, as a first August concert. 

Another show was at Taubertal festival, in Germany again.  For photos go here!

And watch stunning performance of Sickness from the very same event...

Let´s move to the AREA 4 and another video, this time just a short part of What´s the point. You can watch more songs on YouTube from the same concert.

And finally the last concert in the summer was in Konstanz at Rock Am See festival. Go here for few photos!

That´s all, so much for recapitulating!