pondělí 23. dubna 2012

I fall in love when I live with the stars

JohnOsii žije!! A velice silně! podle jejich vlastních slov chystají na podzim nové album na kterém v současnosti intentivně pracují. Takže se máme na co těšit. Bohužel to znamená žádný koncert:-(

Soon, we'll have a new website and we'll be more active here on facebook, posting updates /pictures/ videos about the creative process we're in at the moment.
Writing songs that you (we) love and feel a 100% for is always very hard. The process is slow but now we've come so far that there's no way back, we WILL, we HAVE TO, and we ARE gonna record the fourth Johnossi record i sept-okt 2012. For hours, everyday now me and Ossi mangle our instruments, digging deep within our rotten souls to come up with the coolest, most beautiful, best and fucking perfect rocksongs ever. So far we like what we hear.
Oh, by the way, we will only do one festival this summer, in Switzerland somewhere.
Here's an old picture of me crowdsurfing somewhere in Germany.

Endless Love/ John Engelbert