neděle 29. května 2011

I know you wanted to grow

Some stuff from Johnossi official page that made my/our day a little bit better...

Skateboarding is a shit!

I love skateboarding.
I love comic magazines
I love Kim W Andersson
I love Coca Cola
I love Beer
I loved the Band of Horses concert i saw last week
I love that my stomache doesn't hurt anymore
I've answerd some of your questions in the guestbook. Don't be afraid to ask whatever you wanna know, i know we aren't the fastest to answer but why rush things, i hate rushing.

Before we know it, the summer is gone and things go back to normality again.
In our case normality means waking up in a new city every morning (read afternoon), eating meat and potatoes, drinking beer, fooling around, meeting fantastic people like you, and of course playing extraordinary shows at clubs everynight.
I like the four seasons, i'm pretty much longing for cooler days now, im sick of the sun. I love the rain.
Yesterday, i almost swallowed a bumblebee during a performance on swedish television, i wish i had.
My favourite song at the moment is this one
I eat a lot of fish nowadays.
My favourite nighttime activity is riding a moped in the woods.
I cant stop being fascinated and dig into things that frights me, this usually mess up things for me, but it's always worth it in the long run.
I really love effects.
I don't enjoy writing words, building sentences, i wish i did.
If i could choose between having my singing voice or an opera singing voice, i think i would shift to the operavoice. I bet operastars don't eat meat and potatoes everyday.
I'm gonna pick up skateboarding again.
Mucho Love/John

My favourite band since the last 5 years or so is arcade fire, and that i cant stop listen to their 2 new songs, month of may and the suburbs, from their forthcoming 3rd record.
Love /John

Nemyslím že je třeba překladu...


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